Monday, May 9, 2011

Enjoy The Ride

English major? Nope. Expert Gambler? Not even close. Expert Handicapper? Well, not yet. Just a kid in his 20's who loves to watch the ponies run while trying to come up with a method to the madness (yes, I still consider myself a kid even though that big 30 is not too far around the corner). Growing up in the horse capital of the world I have always enjoyed those warm spring days in April and those crisp cool fall days in October at one of the most prestigious tracks in the country they call Keeneland. Whether it was skipping class back in high school or working my class schedule out in college so I didn't have late afternoon classes or those dreaded Friday classes, you could always find me out at the track come April and October to catch a glimpse of the ponies first hand.

Some say you could not have been born here and not like the sport of horse racing. Maybe it just runs in my blood since I have been told that the track was my grandfathers second home. My uncle has owned horses in the past and I remember going to Churchill Downs and Keeneland to watch them run. That first Saturday in May huddled around a TV to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports every year since I can remember. My dad teaching me how to read a racing program. Whatever it was, these past 2-3 years I have really gotten passionate about the sport (especially the 3 yr. olds). There you have it, that's a little taste about me. Now to what this blog is going to be about....

If you are looking for those can't miss horses in maiden, maiden special weight, claiming and starter races then this blog is not for you. I will go ahead and tell you to save your time and look elsewhere. The past few years I have started studying those unpredictable 2-year-olds as they turn 3 and make their way along the Derby trail to try and compete with the best of the best on Derby day. I have not done too bad following these young horses as of late. I decided that I am going to document and share my picks with those who are interested as these amazing animals try and chase after that once forgotten Triple Crown, through the summer, leading up to the Breeders Cup Classic hoping to be named 3 yr. old champion.

I have learned that nothing is guaranteed in life, just like there are definitely no locks in sports. This all pertains to horse racing and this blog as well. I am not going to guarantee anything on here but I do hope to win you and myself some money along the way. So, saddle up and enjoy the ride.......

*Come back next week and I'll have my picks for the Preakness.

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